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108.17€ (85.17€ + VAT)
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Contents of gift basket:

Washed Robusta Coffee Beans 250g

Spicy dried vegetable mix 100g

Gere Attila Portugieser 0,75l

Excellent wine jam 280g

Gluten free buiscuit 100g

Szamos chocolate specialty 100g

Handmade mint chocolate specialty 110g

Handmade dark chocolate specialty 50g

Chutney Selection 4*35g

Rapeseed honey 250g

Gift basket

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Our country's specialties gift basket

108.17€ (85.17€ + VAT)
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Washed Robusta Semes Kávé: Strong, full-bodied coffee which, when made into espresso, offers a truly special experience.

Spicy dried vegetable mix: A basic accessory for kitchen fairies. Dried carrot groats, parsnips groats, onion groats, parsley leaves, garlic groats, lentils leaves, ground black pepper, ground ginger and a little magic.

Gere Attila Portugieser: This soft, fruity red wine is typical of the Villány wine region.

Excellent wine jam: wine jam made from Tokaji Aszúbor with 5 puttons.

Gluten-free  biscuits: Does not contain artificial colors or preservatives. Biscuits without palm oil and buckwheat flour.

Szamos milk chocolate: classic Szamos cake hidden in a bar of chocolate, which perfectly reproduces the taste of Szamos Dobos cake.

Handcrafted Milk Chocolate Specialty: Carefully hand-made and lyophilized mint sprinkled with chunks of , not only eye-catching but also heavenly delicious.

Handcrafted dark Chocolate Specialty: Carefully hand-made chocolate sprinkled with lyophilized chunks of fruit, not only eye-catching but also heavenly delicious.

Chutney Selection: Apple chutney, red onion chutney, quince chutney and rosemary cherry chutney make up this special artisanal selection.

Rapeseed honey: Hungarian artisanal rapeseed honey.

Gift basket: Wrap the basket with strong cellophane and decorate with a bow.


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