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38.62€ (30.41€ + VAT)
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Goose liver pate with Tokaji 70g

Panyolai Elixir Golden Applae 0,05l

Paprika powder with spoon 50g

Farmer's acacia honey with walnut 100g

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Hungaricum Selection

38.62€ (30.41€ + VAT)
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Foie gras pate: Hungarikum without preservatives and additives. Lactose and gluten free, 70% foie gras.

Panyolai Elixir Golden Applae 0,05l

Spices with a wooden spoon: Home spices with a decorative spoon. The color of the packaging varies, available in white and red.

Farmer's walnut acacia honey: A really special and good pairing is the combination of walnuts and honey. For tea, hot drinks, pancakes, waffles or just for yourself, enjoy its sweet taste.

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