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83.44€ (65.70€ + VAT)
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Contents of gift basket:

Szamos chocolate specialty 100g

Premium fruit puree syrup 0.5l

Gingerbread cookies 80g

Prunes with cinnamon 50g

Belgian dark chocolate 300g

Happy Birthday chocolate 45g

Lindt chocholate 50g

Handmade white chocolate specialty 50g

Rapeseed honey 250g

Dark chocolate blueberries 50g

Hazelnut hot chocolate 40g

Gift basket

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Birthday Hamper for Ladies

83.44€ (65.70€ + VAT)
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Szamos milk chocolate: classic Szamos cake hidden in a bar of chocolate, which perfectly reproduces the taste of Szamos Dobos cake.

Premium Fruit Puree Syrup: Contains a high concentration of domestically selected assorted fruits with a high content value. The taste of our grandmothers' syrup was enclosed in a bottle free of preservatives and additives. Contains natural fructose. An excellent gift for family members and colleagues. Free of preservatives and additives.

Ginger biscuits: Ginger biscuits in dark chocolate

Prunes with cinnamon: 100% handmade product

Belgian dark chocolate: 54% dark chocolate specialty.

Happy Birthday chocolate: Madagascar milk chocolate

Lindt milk chocolate: Milk chocolate praline with soft melting filling

Handcrafted White Chocolate Specialty: Carefully hand-made chocolate sprinkled with lyophilized chunks of fruit, not only eye-catching but also heavenly delicious.

Rapeseed honey: Hungarian artisanal rapeseed honey.

Dark chocolate blueberries: In a beautiful tulip decorative package. Chocolate coated, premium quality blueberries with 59% dark chocolate. With the inscription “With a lot of love”.

Hazelnut hot chocolate: Belgian milk chocolate with hazelnut flavor.

Gift basket: Wrap the basket with strong cellophane and decorate with a bow.


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