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Valentine Gift Box

Kiegészítők gomb



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30.52€ (24.03€ + VAT)

Contents of our Valentine's Day Selection

Dark chocolate blueberries 50g

Peanut lavender dragees 90g

Chocolate coated almonds rolled in cinnamon powder 90g

Premium honey 28g

Handmade dark chocolate with lyophilized fruit pieces 30g

Dried fruit and seed mixture with dark chocolate 150g

Heart shape gift box

Availability: In stock
Expected delivery: May 31, 2022
Shipping fee: 3.79€

30.000 Ft szállítás


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Egyedi fényképes ajándék Photo Print With frame 10x15cm
Desszert szivecske ajándékkosárhoz Szamos dessert heart


Dark chocolate blueberries: In a beautiful tulip shaped decorative package. Chocolate coated, premium quality blueberries with 59% dark chocolate. With the inscription “Lot’s of love”.

Peanut Lavender Dragees: Special Lavender and White Chocolate Flavored Hazelnuts. Taste this candy with a special flavor combination.

Gift box almonds: Chocolate coated, premium quality almonds with 79% milk chocolate, rolled in cinnamon powder. It will soon be anyone's favorite.

Premium honey: Linden honey specialty in a beautiful bottle.

Handcrafted Dark Chocolate Specialty: Carefully hand-made chocolate sprinkled with lyophilized chunks of fruit, not only eye-catching but also heavenly delicious

Dark chocolate roasted almonds and hazelnut mix with dried cherries and cranberries.

Gift box: The products are aesthetically placed in decorative straw so when the bow gift box is unfolded, the gift package inside it gives a stunning look.