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Vintage gift box

Kiegészítők gomb



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66.67€ (52.50€ + VAT)

Contents of our gift  box:

Honey wine with cranberries and sichuan pepper 0,1l

Handmade dark chocolate with lyophilized fruit 30g

Marzipan-cappuccino coffee beans 90g

Tea blend in book shaped creative box 60g

Farmer's acacia honey with walnut 100g

Plum jam with gingerbread spice 120 ml

Candle in decorative box 360g

Wooden chest 

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Expected delivery: May 31, 2022
Shipping fee: 3.79€

30.000 Ft szállítás


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Gift for Women's Day
Honey wine: Made according to a traditional recipe, the raw material is pure acacia honey. In its taste and aroma, we can discover the silky softness of sweet acacia honey in it. Beverages made exclusively from the fermentation of honey go back thousands of years and have also been popular in ancient Greek, Egyptian and Chinese cultures.

Handcrafted Dark Chocolate Specialty: Carefully hand-made and lyophilized chocolate sprinkled with chunks of fruit, not only eye-catching but also heavenly delicious.
Marzipan-cappuccino coffee beans: A special coffee made from carefully roasted Arabica coffee beans. Full-bodied coffee aroma, softened with creamy flavors, crowned with an irresistible marzipan essence.

Plum jam with gingerbread spice: Plum jam with cinnamon is a divine and heavenly combination with gingerbread spices. Our new jam already evokes the winter holidays.

Gift box tea: A fairy garden in a book-shaped gift box. Flavored green tea blend with creamy and soft pear flavors. The smell is enchanting, and the taste is… hmm you have to taste it too!

Producers of walnut acacia honey: A really special and good pairing is the combination of walnuts and honey. For tea, hot drinks, pancakes, waffles or just for yourself, enjoy its sweet taste.

Wooden crate: The products are placed aesthetically placed in decorative straw so that when the bowling wooden box is opened, the gift package inside it will give a stunning look.

Gift box candle: Elegant looking scented candle.

Our vintage lettered wooden box is decorative in itself, but even if it has delicacies and a beautiful scented candle, it can be used for any occasion, be it a birthday gift package or a women's day gift.

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