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Gift boxes in the spirit of trend

Gift boxes in the spirit of trend

Gift box delivery in Hungary

You can send a gift box for many occasions, such as Christmas, a birthday, a name day or even to a wedding. Due to the decorative exterior and quality content, it is the perfect choice for any occasion. However, you will be surprised, in addition to the above, gift boxes can even be sent on the occasion of a heatwave.

This is because the heatwave puts gift sending in a completely different perspective than, for example, the colder winter months. After all, gift boxes are filled with tea, artisanal chocolate, honey or special drinks. In summer, this is less fortunate, as in the 40-degree heat, the chocolate melts and jam or honey also loses its normal texture, unless, of course, the products are given heat-resistant packaging. However, thinks of everything, so it was also made with separate gift boxes for hot days, which can be a perfect addition to hot summer days. We were prepared for the beach in the same way as for the relaxing garden parties. We will now introduce you to three of the summer gift boxes.

Mini barbecue gift box

AjándékboxSummer is not only a time for beaching, but also for garden parties. If someone lives in a house with a garden, then this is the season for outdoor baking, relaxation, a party by the pool, or anything we like and can do it outdoors. The mini grill gift boxes contribute to this in their own special way, as you can find a grill sauce specialty in the gift package, which guarantees delicious flavors. The meat, you will flavor with this, easily be the pinnacle of the grill season, and you will also find a high-quality Szeleshát rosette here, so that the baking will take place in a cheerful atmosphere.


Gift box for craft beers

If it's summer, it's beer. Surely many people agree with this. According to statistics, as a result of the hot season, the rate of beer consumption jumps by an average of 50 to 70 percent this time of the year. The question, of course, is whether there is room for beer in the gift boxes. A good quality wine may not be the subject of debate, what about a beer? Our answer is clear, of course, beer can also have a place in the gift boxes, especially if it includes something that offers for you. After all, not just any nectar was included in the selection, but all handicraft specialties that can't just be taken off the shelves of supermarkets. You’ll even find  special snacks in the gift box, namely a handcrafted cheddar cheese biscuit.


Light summer flavors gift box

We don't want to give up on delicacies in the summer months either, which is why we offer the Summer Flavors gift box, which containes honey and jam, all of which can be ordered in heat-resistant packaging. We could even call it the taste of sunlight, since it is filled with special delicacies. The selection of gifts for birthdays and name days in the summer months is also a perfect choice for anyone who loves the sweet. Plus all gifts are delivered in beautiful gift boxes, which is a pleasure to look at.

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