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Old fashion, new trends in gift hampers

The gift hampers and the sending of gifts have always had their own form, not the invention of today. It is enough to think only of the gift baskets a few decades ago, which lived in their 50s and 60s. Maybe there’s no old romantic movie in which the protagonist doesn’t get a gift basket from the man she loves.

This popular form of gift keeping has lasted for a relatively long time, as it was a popular corporate gift for excellent workers even in the eighties. At Christmas and Labor Day, the best workers were guaranteed to receive a cellophane-covered gift basket that other colleagues could only look enviously at. Caravan roasted coffee, Tibi chocolate and the unforgettable Napoleon cognac were essential ingredients in baskets that were already slightly over-decorated with today’s eyes. However, their light faded by the nineties as the bad stereotypes of the old system caught on to it so that it could later give way to today’s gift packages. After a long transition period, it is mainly due to the possibilities offered by the Internet that the gift package has become a big fashion again, and fortunately today the gift can not only be delivered in person, but can be ordered from anywhere and sent anywhere.

Be special

With this, the possibilities of gift-giving have expanded considerably, but not only this has changed positively in recent decades as far as service is concerned. It is no accident that we mentioned the three iconic brands above, as it was not really possible to choose what to put in the gift basket, the choice in terms of brand and product range was much narrower than today. An interesting and definitely welcome trend in the current gift packages is that in addition to quality, the product line also targets the special. Instead of the products lined up on the shelves of hypermarkets that are available to everyone, my surprise gift packages are full of high-quality products that are not available in an average store. And handicraft products are not only excellent in terms of quality and taste, but they are also a specialty in their category, which can already be a good gift.

Better design of the gift package

By no means do we want to hurt the gift baskets, because what is a gift is not worth mentioning in the first place, and on the other hand, they were very nice in their time. Since then, however, there have been other trends, already in terms of design. From a gift basket, most people today can think of a shopping cart or Little Red Riding Hood from a fairy tale as she hurries lightly through the woods to her grandmother. In contrast, the clean design of the gift package suggests much more that the gift represents real value and what is in it will surely bring joy to the other. The gift box lined with decorative straw is, even with some exaggeration, an empty gift, as the premium design itself is special. In terms of style, a gift package is vastly different from a cellophane-covered gift basket, you could also say it’s less ostentatious, and as the saying goes, it’s less, sometimes more.

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