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Sending gifts to Hungary during an epidemic

How to donate during a pandemic?
Unfortunately, the coronavirus created a much more difficult situation than might have been predicted. The blocked borders were just the beginning, people within the country were cut off from each other with the introduction of quarantine, which applies not only to Hungary, but slowly to the whole of Europe. However, the gift sending service still works, so anyone who wants to give a gift can do so.

Thanks to the internet, we can keep in touch with each other, but there are fewer and fewer opportunities for face-to-face meetings and we admit it is not recommended. Not only are festivals left behind and not only are cinemas closed, but unfortunately family gatherings are also hampered by the epidemic. Many have moved away from their family and friends, but by sending gifts, we can still get a little closer to the other. For a name day, birthday, anniversary, or just a simple surprise, you can easily send a gift package to another from anywhere, anytime. All you need to send a gift is an internet connection or to select the gift package on The latter will not be difficult, as due to the ample selection, after some browsing - also a pleasant pastime at this time - everyone can find the package you want to send to the other. Be it the main sweets or the drink specialties.

Gain pleasure by sending gifts
No one is in an easy position during quarantine, most of us face confinement and the fact that for a while we may not be able to meet those we want. While Skype, Messenger and other chat services already offer the opportunity to see the other while talking to him, which makes the situation somewhat easier. It is very fortunate that this is the case, otherwise it would be even harder to endure the confinement and the monotonous everyday life. Without the Internet, this situation would probably be even more hellish, and the Internet also provides the opportunity to send gifts, which may also bring one person a little closer to another. After all, if someone grabs the gift package they receive, they know who they came from, that they really think about it, and that might make the long hours a little shorter.

Is it a safe gift? Yes!
The question may rightly be raised in this case: is it safe to send a gift under the coronavirus? The concern is understandable, but the answer is of course yes! We prepare our gift packages with special care and maximum compliance with hygiene regulations. This also applies to delivery, so no one has to worry about security. Moreover, as we may have pointed out above, this is currently the safest form of gift-giving, as we do not come into contact with whom we would like to surprise a little. The compilation of gift packages and the special attention to hygiene are not at the expense of quality these days either, our customers continue to receive the premium product selection that they will have before and after.

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