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Send gifts everywhere in Hungary

Undoubtedly, only Santa Claus can be the first official initiator of gift sending. Later, St. Nicholas was born in 245, which really wasn’t yesterday, and in addition to many miraculous deeds, he was also involved in sending gifts as he gave small surprises to poorer families. Interestingly, its permanent feast developed only in the 19th century.

There’s something nice about the story that while the little ones think that short-sleeved, snow-centric, cheerful elves put together gift packages, which are then delivered by Santa, they are actually given as gifts by relatives and friends. However, sending gifts today is not only the privilege of Santa Claus, but anyone, at any time, is free to practice this beautiful habit. Typically, gift sending has been on the rise everywhere in recent decades. It is also an interesting fact that while Santa Claus puts human imagination on the snowy landscapes of Finland and Lapland or perhaps the Arctic, it is indeed the most common in the Nordic countries to send gifts. Of course, not in the Arctic Circle, but according to statistics, most people in Norway and then in Finland live with various gift-sending services, as far as the European market is concerned. This is because in America, like many other things, gift sending is more popular than on the old continent. Plus, it's by no means a coincidence.

Why is gift sending more popular in America?
It may even be surprising, but market analysis shows that because the corporate environment is different, big companies operate differently than in Europe, the habits are simply different. With us, depending on the activities of a company, a personal partner meeting is held twice, three or even five times a year, and at the end of the event, the host company closes the ceremony by handing over a corporate gift package. In Europe, therefore, a face-to-face meeting is the custom to celebrate the partnership. In America, by contrast, corporate gifting is also in huge fashion to reinforce trust and the importance of collaboration in the other. Of course, it is easy to see that this has been the case overseas, as the distances are much greater than in European countries, meaning that sending gifts is a much simpler form of strengthening the partnership than a face-to-face meeting. The latter would probably not be financially feasible.

Send gifts in the north
In the Nordic countries mentioned earlier, it is not primarily corporate gift-sending that is in vogue, but people giving gifts to others. The gift packages there have two constant props, one for sweets and the other for alcohol. The gifting here is explained above all by the harsh weather conditions, the rather high number of cold weather and dark hours makes people prone to depression, meaning there are several things to live with that cause happiness. And alcohol and sweets are just such things, especially when you receive or send them, so sending gifts over there may be more common. Of course, who knows, Santa may have something to do with it ...

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