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54.53€ (42.93€ + VAT)
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Contents of gift basket:

Soft Plush Teddy Bear 15 cm

Baby and children's bath oil 300ml

Puzzle 1pc

Sudocream 60g

Plush rattle 1pc

Rextile diaper

Gift box

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Baby and Me Gift Box - Boy

54.53€ (42.93€ + VAT)
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Soft Plush Teddy Bear 15 cm

Baby and child body care: Recommended from 1 month of age. Hydrates and protects baby's skin, reduces irritation.

Puzzle: A wooden puzzle game with changing patterns.

Sudocream: Soothing and nourishing cream for babies.

Plush rattle: Plush donkey that is also a rattle for the baby.

Textile diaper

Gift box: Decorative box with decorative straw and bow. The products are placed stylishly in the decorative straw and the box is closed with a satin bow.

We choose the size of the box for the products inside. Our smaller box is 36x22x9 cm and the larger one is 39x28x10 cm.


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