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New baby gift - boy

Kiegészítők gomb



Kiegészítő termékek

40.32€ (31.75€ + VAT)

The contents of our baby waiting gift package:
Textile diaper 3pcs

Baby and child body lotion 300ml

Fluffy teddy bear 15 cm

Plush rattle 1pc

Refrigerated chewing gum

Panda teddy bear puzzle 1pc

Gift box with bow

Availability: In stock
Expected delivery: December 03, 2021
Shipping fee: 4.09€

30.000 Ft szállítás

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Babaköszöntő képeslap ajándékküldéshez Happy Birthday Postcard
Babaköszöntő képeslap ajándékküldéshez Happy Birthday Postcard


Textile diaper: Made of 100% tetra cotton. Patterned 3-piece diaper pack. Size: 70 * 80 cm.

Baby and child body care: Recommended from 1 month of age. Hydrates and protects baby's skin, reduces irritation.

Plush rattle: Plush ass that is also a rattle for the baby.

Panda teddy bear jigsaw puzzle: Wooden jigsaw puzzle.

Retractable chew: Helps ease the teething period.

Surprise your expectant mother with this useful and practical baby waiting gift. Order at home and hand it over in person or choose a gift delivery and entrust our gift delivery service with delivery. We deliver baby-waiting gifts to all settlements in Hungary and to almost every country abroad within the European Union.