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Graduation bouquet for boys? Of course!

Kovács Viktor
16/04/2023 01:34:44 PM
Graduation bouquet for boys? Of course!

You can also give boys a wonderful bouquet for graduation, name day or even birthday.

We would think that graduation, as a ceremony, is a very old tradition, since even in ancient times there was school education and there were graduating students. Yes, that's true, just like there was a farewell party surrounded by some kind of ceremony. However, graduation as we know it, as well as the graduation bouquet, is a relatively recent invention.

What is even more surprising is that the graduation ritual is not connected to any big event, historical event, noble family, prestigious city like Vienna or Budapest. It is only a small mining village, Selmecbánya.

                                                      Selmeci Erdészeti és Bányászati Akadémia - a ballagás eredete

The word graduation itself is of Latin origin (valetans), but in our country it was only used for the first time in the above-mentioned village in the 1870s, when the students of the Academy of Forestry and Mining were dismissed. That is, when the students here finished their studies. It was in this settlement that the idea of ​​honoring young people for finishing school was born for the first time.

The XX. by the beginning of the century, as if it were mandatory, this beautiful custom spread in almost all schools in the country. And the gift for both boys and girls was the graduation bouquet. Of course, this was given by relatives. There was another gift from the school. Usually a satchel, in which he got soil, loose change, cookies, a little wine, and later in time a photo.

Go on, go on…
Graduation was banned for a while in the 1950s, but then it was revived with renewed vigor. Until the mid-1990s, it was practically only used in secondary schools, then it was adopted by primary schools, and even kindergartens and nurseries. The legitimacy of the latter two can even be questioned, although it is a fact that it is very cute how the dressed-up little ones run around the yard.

To this day, one can be confused about what to give a graduation present to a small boy, a teenager or an almost grown man. It can be many things, but the graduation bouquet for boys is not that it is not chic, but it is almost mandatory. At least in terms of tradition, it certainly is. Perhaps this is the only time when it is appropriate to give flowers to the stronger sex.

Why are flowers and nothing else the main gift?

A prom bouquet for boys these days can't be kitschy or sentimental either. In the past, young men going off to war were given a bunch of flowers in their buttonholes as a symbol of good luck. A flower can symbolize many things, in this case, loyalty and farewell. Giving flowers for graduation, whether you like it or not, is a very masculine thing.

                                                Csoki csokor ballagásra fiúnak

What should a special graduation bouquets look like for boys? You don't have to think too big. Usually such a bouquet contains something personal, usually a message or photo smuggled in between the flowers. On the other hand, the bouquet is traditionally dried, so it is worthwhile not to save on the price of the graduation bouquet, but to put it together from flowers that will withstand the passage of time.

And if we listen to the word of the new times, then the best choice is the graduation chocolate bouquet. This arrangement has recently come into vogue and combines sweetness with a bouquet arrangement. Those boys who are still embarrassed by a traditional flower bouquet will be especially happy with it.

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