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Children's day gifts, surprises

Kovács Viktor
18/05/2023 01:45:25 PM
Children's day gifts, surprises

Let's make it a day just for the children - let's organize programs, give them an experience, get them a present!

Everyone has a day, moms have it, dads have it, and kids have it too. It's a perfect circle, everyone in the family should have a day. Of the three, the children are probably most looking forward to the upcoming event, since Christmas and Easter are here and there, but only the last Sunday of May is the day when the whole world pays attention to them.

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Celebrating Children's Day is a bit of a chore, since every day is really a children's day for a lucky child. Until school starts, of course... However, this is unfortunately only true for the luckier families and the luckier half of the world. In 1954, the UN proposed the celebration of International Children's Day precisely because, unfortunately, there are many children in the world for whom every weekday is not a holiday at all.

With this initiative, the goal of the United Nations was not to have mom and dad buy new trampolines for their children on June 1 or the last Sunday in May, but to draw the world's attention to the fact that not only adults, but also children they have rights. They have the right to health care, they have the right to seek help if they are hurt, but above all they have the right not to starve.

It can be said that this is a beautiful illusion on the part of power and politics, which will unfortunately never be realized in its entirety. There will always be children who don't get proper treatment or a hot meal every day. Fortunately, however, in most parts of the world, prosperity has been granted to the little ones, and we celebrate them once a year.

Children's Day gift for everyone

Children's Week was in trand in Hungary until 1989, as in the majority of communist countries, only after the regime change did it become a one-day holiday. The change can probably also be explained by the fact that the quality of life has increased. The story was no longer about having at least one week dedicated to the children, in the form of discounted purchases, discounted movie tickets, and trips, but about paying tribute to the little ones as well.
As they say, there are as many customs as there are houses. In Hungary, the important day is celebrated differently everywhere, but the Children's Day gift cannot be left out in most places. The question is, of course, to whom and what, because a child will always remain a child in the eyes of the parents. This also means that children's day gifts for children have the same right to exist as children's day gifts for adults. In Hungarian, they also buy gifts for adults on this day.

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It's not Christmas, but it's not a weekday either

Children's Day cannot be mentioned on the same page as Christmas in terms of presents in the European and thus also in the domestic holiday tradition. However, the fact that it is a financially more solid event does not make it any less important. Since it falls on the first really warm days of the year, the gift is often not material in nature, but rather a joint program, some kind of experience.

Typically, the number of visits to the zoo gorws rapidly, for example, on this day, but we can also safely mention amusement parks or trips as a children's day gift. According to Péter propper, a famous psychologist, Children's Day should be about time spent together, at which time parents should not work and put aside their everyday promlems, this day should only be for the children. At the same time, even if only as a gesture, the gift should also be among the joys of Children's Day.

A gift for Children's Day? Let's show you what the hit is

As if everyone had read the Children's Day conversation with Péter Popper, the vast majority of gift purchases are aimed at things that allow us to spend time together. Perhaps it is not difficult to guess that board games and LEGO are the best-selling surprises at this time.

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However, at the top of the ranking list is the surprise itself, which is much more important for children than for adults. That is why sending a gift can also be an excellent gift idea for Children's Day. A beautiful gift box doesn't matter what it hides, be it teddy bears or chocolates or anything else. The point is the children's day gift itself, which expresses the love of the parents, whether the child is a little girl on the arm or a grown man.

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