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About the roles of the Christmas gift package

About the roles of the Christmas gift package

Corporate Christmas gifts delivery can be a great motivation for employees for the coming year.

Most workers, like most people, are characterized by a degree of uncertainty. Do I do my job well, are they happy with me, don’t the boss hate me, and similar questions can arise every day. This is why the distribution of a Christmas gift package is important in the life of a company, as it is synonymous with recognition.

Most people want to meet in the workplace, they want to do their job well, which is why there is a kind of anxiety in the workplace in most workers as to whether it worked then. The end of the year is a particularly critical period in this respect, as it is always a summation. It turns out what the performance was all year, which, as we know, could always be a little better. That’s why the Christmas gift package also has a message that you don’t have to worry, everything is fine. In addition to acknowledging the annual work of our colleagues, there is another message about Christmas gift packages, and that is that you are important to us. This is at least as important a message as the one we just mentioned. After all, everyone wants a certain amount of attention, not to feel that on the way to work in the morning, he is just a tiny screw in a big machine.

Motivation at the end of the year in the form of a Christmas gift

In this case, not only the hard work and professional knowledge is recognized, but it is also a more personal thing. If you like, not only one employee will receive the Christmas gift package, but Kornélia Kiss, Barnabás Németh, etc., in a word, a person we spent a lot of time with this year and together we are preparing for a well-deserved year-end vacation. Of course, the Christmas gift package also has motivating power and not a little. He who pays attention, works better, who gets recognition, wants to prove that he was worthy of praise. A library of literature proves that praise has a much greater motivating force than rebuke. More interestingly, the degree of recognition plays a lesser role in motivation, the point is to make it happen from time to time, for which the holidays provide an excellent opportunity.

It is worth segmenting in the field of gifts

The question arises as to whether all employees should receive the same Christmas gift package. For smaller companies, this is a less important factor, but for companies with a large number of employees, it is worth thinking about several options, since, depending on the scope of activities, the work of employees also contributed more or less to the year-end results. It’s definitely worth thinking about a more serious Christmas gift package, as someone gets less and someone gets more recognition. It can also be read in dissertations on work psychology that in most cases, apart from personal contradictions, it also has a motivating effect and does not provoke jealousy from employees, but rather strengthens the spirit of competition. At the same time, you shouldn’t go over to the other side of the horse either and divide your Christmas gift packages into many categories, one bigger reward at the end of the year is enough. The key is to be in some form.

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