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Santa Claus sending a gift

Santa can't send a gift this year either because of the virus situation! You can safely send Santa gift packages online.

This year, the virus situation is forcing many families to stay away. Grandparents cannot visit their grandchildren safely, which is heartbreakingly sad, as they can easily infect each other despite every effort and can be especially dangerous for the elderly.

You’re also wondering how you can safely, contactlessly give a gift to Santa Claus? How good it would be to conveniently order gifts online from the warmth of home and have a courier service deliver it to the recipient. With the help of our gift sending service, you can also safely and quickly send gifts to Santa Claus.

December 6, Santa's Day is approaching. The couriers of our gift-sending service only exceptionally deliver gifts on Sundays in Budapest, dressed in Santa's clothes. Find the best gift for your taste in our Santa's packages.

Someone is ringing. The whole family is surprised since it could be Sunday, no guests were expected. In the doorway stands the courier dressed as Santa, with the presents in his hands. The young children laugh and are excited to see what Uncle Santa has brought them. Surprise! Your gift has just arrived to the great delight of the whole family.

Sending Santa's gift in Budapest will exceptionally be delivered on Sundays, dressed in Santa's clothes.

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