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Valentine's Day = gifts?

Valentine's Day = gifts?

Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most divisive non-religious holiday. Someone is a fan of it and someone hates it outright. Most consider February 14 to be Lovers Day, but many vote that this holiday is also about love and friendship. His story fades into the misty haze of the past, and the customs associated with it are also diverse. To be sure, Valentine’s Day gifting is very much in vogue these days.

Although historians are quite divided, the celebration, now considered Valentine's Day in English, is now officially associated with a certain man named St. Valentine, who was the bishop of Terni (Interamna) in the 14th century. According to this variation, he died a martyr's death because of his faith, but had previously healed a blind maid in prison and then sent a farewell message on the day of his execution on February 14, saying, "Your Valentine!". Some say it was because of this romantic history that Lovers Day was born later.

According to another tradition, in the 3rd century AD II. Emperor Claudius forbade marriage because the bachelors proved to be better warriors. And armed soldiers were much needed at the time. However, our Balintuk did not consider this to be a beautiful thing, neither war nor restriction of marriage, so he secretly, risking his life, added the couples in love.

And these are just the two most important theories about the origin of the sun, as many associate the glorious sun with the mating of birds, for example. Still others associate it with the Luperkalia festival, which was also a Roman tradition and served to meet young boys and girls. If you like, it was like an ancient blind date. The young people lined up against each other and were able to decide who they liked during various games. So historical interpretations are divided as to the origins of the holiday, yet the Valentine’s Day gifting has evolved somehow, which we’ll cover later.

Celebration and gift for Valentine's Day
The first written memories of celebrating lovers date back to Anglo-Saxon countries and the 15th century. At that time, however, there was no question of gift-giving, only musical, dance celebrations. Later, this custom was carried over and inhabited by the inhabitants of the British nations in the later United States. Our story takes an interesting turn at this point, because Valentine's Day is returning to Europe, where this holiday has only just taken place, after a rather big break. It is celebrated for the first time in Germany, but only in 1950, when Nuremberg had its first Valentine's Day ball, but it did not lack Valentine's Day gifts.

Hungary joined the crowded camp of celebrants only in 1990, a year immediately after the change of regime. For a long time, there was a mixed view of the holiday here at home, above all because many say we have just taken over an American money-making fad, yet more and more people are worshiping it.

Valentine's day gift as a shop
Valentine’s Day gifting was introduced as early as the 1800s, in the form of Valentine’s Day gift baskets. Needless to say, the celebration of Lovers Day was born in America with a gift. The booming trade at the time saw the opportunity in the glorious day, from which it was already possible to profit nicely. But it was only pretty slowly that things became industrial-scale, from which certain businesses were able to make huge profits. Above all, of course, florists and growers. To give you a little idea of ​​where things are going at the moment: Royal FloraHolland, one of the biggest players in the florist business, had a turnover of € 142 million last day and sold about 300 million strands of flowers. Of course, not only are the companies involved in the flower business benefiting from Feb. 14 today, but many other areas are also benefiting from it. Examples are marketing companies or logistics companies.

Valentine's day in culture
Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day gifts now have an impact on culture, with the music and film industry riding the theme above all else, of course in the form of more romantic but sometimes cynical interpretations. One of the most successful works was the cinema presented at the same title (Valentine’s Day) in the category. The 2010 film, which embraces several love stories, was named after stars such as Shirley MacLaine, Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher and Jamie Fox. The opposite of the romantic beat, the cynical comedy that was also presented with great success, Bazi was a bad Valentine’s Day in 2009, if you want to have a big laugh, be sure to check it out.

Rachel Gibson’s novel Valentine’s Day and other insanity, was also a great success in the category. We can read about the passionate relationship that unfolded during a romantic journey in the book, which has been translated into more than ten languages, including Hungarian. It’s not hard to guess that when it comes to books, it’s not the entertainment literature that comes first when it comes to sales, but the publications that provide various tips and Valentine’s Day gift-making practices. Of these, everyone can find plenty on the shelves of bookstores.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts
Valentine’s Day gift sending is a very elegant form of expressing our feelings to the other, but it doesn’t quite matter what surprises our loved one. When it comes to a Valentine’s Day gift package, both the exterior and the insider are important, as the essence of the message is that we love the other and think about the other. is the perfect choice if you are bothering to send a Valentine's Day gift. Beautiful gift boxes and a premium selection of gifts will take everyone off their feet, whether you keep a relationship at the very beginning or have a love relationship that has lasted for many years. However, deciding what would be the perfect surprise for our love is never easy, it always causes some head scratches as well. Let’s now look at three examples, as we may surprise the other on this wonderful day, to see if it makes the choice a little easier. Valentine's day gift for women
1. Flower Garden Gift Package
The Flower Garden Gift Package is especially recommended for gentlemen who have only recently courted their loved one. This selection of gifts is discreet, yet elegant and romantic enough. It reinforces the line of Valentine’s Day gifts that holds a number of kindnesses that easily beat women’s hearts. The romantic gift box features a plum jam with gingerbread spice, organic herbal tea with chamomile and hibiscus, which is guaranteed to entice anyone who loves tea specialties. Dark chocolate blueberries for gourmets, Szatmár plum jam for those who love premium delicacies. Peanut lavender pebbles, and last but not least, handcrafted dark chocolate with lyophilized pieces of fruit, which is also an excellent gift for connoisseurs.

2. Teddy Bear and Chocolate Gift Package
We recommend the Teddy Bear and Chocolate Gift Package for the most romantic. Stay in touch wherever your couple loves romantic surprises, you’ll definitely enjoy this lovely Valentine’s Day gift selection. The protagonist is nothing more than a lovely plush teddy bear, complemented by French cake plates, spiced with premium dark chocolate blueberries. Gratis also includes a handcrafted milk chocolate specialty in this Valentine’s Day gift package.

3. Gift basket for ladies
We recommend our Valentine's Day Gift Basket, named Gift Ladies, to those gentlemen who want the best of everything. The premium gift specialty contains everything that is good and beats a lady’s heart, whether young or older. For the sake of completeness, the elegant gift box includes an award-winning homemade elderflower syrup, mango-pineapple jam, pomegranate rooibos decaffeinated tea, and excellent French cake plates. This Valentine's Day gift also includes an excellent Honey Wine, which you can sip together by a small candlelight, even on the occasion of the famous holiday. Valentine's day gift for men
1. Masculine Elegance
It may be harder for men to surprise with something really good on a romantic holiday like February 14. However, can help with that, the Men's Elegance Valentine's Day gift package is a perfect choice for every man, even if you are just getting to know it. Typically, Valentine's Day gifts for guys include alcoholic beverages, so the Men's Elegance also includes a bottle of excellent Palotás Cherry Pálinka and a bottle of Tamás Gere Villányi Portugieser wine. However, we also did not forget about the sweets, so premium Belgian caramel salt chocolate pastilles as well as handcrafted dark chocolate lyophilized fruit pieces were also included in the Valentine's Day gift selection.

2. Sweets Selection
However, let’s not forget the men who worship sweets rather than various alcoholic juices, for whom the Sweets Selection was born for Valentine’s Day. In this Valentine’s Day gift package, we hid a premium Belgian caramel salt chocolate pastille, French cake plates, but also producer walnut acacia honey. However, this is just the beginning to still hit your head with that “ugly” alcohol, a beautiful gift box with a TEACHER´s Blended Scotch Whiskey candy and a divine brandy chocolate.

3. Gift basket for gentlemen
If you want to give the most to your loved one, our Valentine's Day gift package called Gift Basket for Gentlemen is the perfect choice. This surprise has everything a man could wish for. Bock Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon, marzipan-cappuccino coffee beans for early risers, award-winning chili sauce, BBQ, Whiskey & Honey specialty, but also a book-shaped gift box tea blend to name just a few of the more than plentiful offerings. The packaging is, of course, elegant and respectful, as is the content.

Valentine's Day during the epidemic
The COVID virus has created a new situation in the lives of most people, which has an impact on many points, and it is no exception that we can only meet our love in a limited time and in quite a few places. There are no restaurants open that could have been a great place for a romantic conversation or even a girl’s request. There are also no open theaters, cinemas and entertainment venues, which are typical dating places for many. Not to mention that after eight or rather seven o’clock in the evening, there is no possibility of romantic revelations due to the limitations.

It is understandable, then, that Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day gifts also came from a different perspective. It has its downsides, but it also has positive effects. The most inconvenient for those who are far apart and from abroad or even within the country can not solve to meet each other in person. However, everyone wants to celebrate Lovers Day, they want to express their feelings on this day towards the other. For them, sending a Valentine’s Day gift can even be a lifeline to get to the other, if not in person, but in the form of a gift anyway. Fortunately, the online space has made this possible, and offers the best for lovers on Valentine's Day, choose something beautiful and surprise your couple, as there is only one day of love in a year!

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