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Send gift hampers for Valentine day to Hungary

Send gift hampers for Valentine day to Hungary

Surprise your sweetheart on the holiday of lovers by sending a Valentine's Day gift to Hungary!

After some fuss, Valentine's Day, the holiday of lovers, has become completely accepted in Hungary. Gifting is also an essential accessory for Valentine’s Day, when couples surprise each other with a little kindness or even a perfectly put together gift package. And what is a good gift? Of course, that's what the other is happy about.

It is therefore worthwhile to start thinking about what our loved one would be happy about well before Valentine's Day. If you happen to be the object of surprise with an expensive piece of jewelery or clothing, then a gift box for this special day is a great solution. Valentine’s Day is about love and as we know all love is special, unique and unrepeatable. That's exactly why a custom-made gift box suits this celebration. After all, in this case, you are not buying a dozen products that your partner could take off the store shelves at any time, but a craft product that is just for her. At the same time, not only the content but also the appearance of a well-selected gift box is delightful. The quality packaging, the graceful yet elegant workmanship perfectly fit the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Don’t be afraid sending a gift on Valentine’s Day

Although Valentine’s Day is celebrated by most lovers, many are reluctant to give it away - especially men, of course - because they consider it kitschy. This is a general misunderstanding, as the story of Valentine’s Day begins with the gift itself. Its origins go back to older times than many would think, for some reason many people believe that this holiday started in the XX century  which has no purpose other than to open one's wallet. But the truth is that Valentine's Day started in the III. century when a Catholic bishop with a romantic spirit, named Bálint, or Valentine, began to distribute gift packages to lovers. Well, only for those who got married, because our bishop thought it was better to live in a marriage than to stay single. And the gift box was nothing more than flowers grown in his own garden. In light of the kind story, it is only a matter of some obscurity that Bishop Bálint believed that a man who was married could be raised to be a much more successful soldier than a bachelor. From our perspective, however, it doesn’t matter, as it’s a fact that Valentine’s Day has embarked on its conquest journey with gift boxes, so you too can surely surprise your sweetheart with one.

The taste of your kiss in numbers ...

... some honey, some blueberries. In his well-known poem, Miklós Radnóti is a beautiful reminder of how sweet love is. This also means that not only can we surprise our sweetheart with flowers on Valentine’s Day, but also with a gift box full of delicacies such as handmade honey or jam, which can even be blueberries. It’s no coincidence they call the post-marriage period honeymoon either, so if you don’t have a specific idea, choose from our gift boxes that contain delicacies that are guaranteed to make your love happy.

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