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49.00€ (38.58€ + VAT)

10 pieces of red roses

If you order a giftbox and flower within the same order the two products will be delivered by two different couriers on the same day but most likely at different times.

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Availability: In stock
Expected delivery: October 04, 2022
Shipping fee: 7.12€
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Attraction Bouquet of flowers

49.00€ (38.58€ + VAT)
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Bouquet images may differ slightly from reality. To keep the delivered flowers fresh, we procure and assemble them on the morning of the delivery day. So unfortunately rarely, but there may be a temporary shortage of some flowers. In this case, we reserve the right to exchange our flower delivery service for something similar in size, quality and color scheme. Thanks for your understanding.



Flowers and bouquets are not accompanied by the pots and vases shown in the picture.

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