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Send gifts in summer in Hungary

In times of heatwave, try to make the gifting more chocolate-free.
One of the favorites of gift packages is chocolate delicacies. Understandably, as it’s a great choice depending on gender, age and occasion, you can’t really go wrong with it. However, in the summer heat, many people look at it with skepticism, as what happens if that delicious chocolate melts during the gifting process.

It has to be said that it has to be very warm for the chocolate to melt in the well-insulated gift box and between the decorative straw, but at the same time we don’t want to convince anyone of our truth. It is quite understandable that many people are worried about the heatwave and do not want to take risks. Thus, has rather created gift packages without chocolate for the summer, so that anyone can send a gift in peace. It is important that this composition is full of premium delicacies, but at the same time the product composition is such that nothing will melt here during the gifting process. After all, the biscuits, tea and various crispy delicacies that are part of the gift packages cannot melt in the greatest heat. The concrete may blister, but the gifts ordered will arrive in perfect quality at the address provided. In addition, due to the increasingly hectic weather, this gift delivery service can be used as early as May.

Why does chocolate melt?
It is an interesting question, if only because, in addition to manufacturers, science has also addressed the issue. For example, chocolate melts in our mouths because the melting point is exactly the same as the temperature of a normal oral cavity. Who would have thought? Incidentally, this is on average 35-37 ° C, which means it needs to be very warm in order for the delicacy to melt in the gift box when sending a gift. In any case, the problem is the fact that it is no coincidence that Nestlé has already developed and launched non-hot chocolate. The question, of course, is what it tastes like. In any case, if someone chooses from the chocolate-free gift packages, they don’t have to worry for a minute that anything in the heat will melt during the gifting process, and that might dim the light of surprise a little.

Send gifts securely
Gombóc Artúr is quoted as: round chocolate, square chocolate, long chocolate, short chocolate, sweet chocolate, bitter chocolate, last year's chocolate, this year's chocolate, perforated chocolate and who knows what else. Our two-piece chocolates represent the pinnacle of the genre, but the fact is that the great heat doesn’t favor them in the long run either, so if you’re worried about the summer, feel free to order from our other non-chocolate gift packages. Sending a gift is always a pleasure, even if there is chocolate in the compilation, and even if you may not have it. At the end, we had an interesting thing about chocolate that few know. One hundred percent sugar-free cocoa chocolate strengthens teeth better than fluoride due to its high theobromine content. So if someone wouldn’t send a chocolate gift package to protect their teeth, just think about it.

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