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Sending flowers to Budapest - have you tried this way?

Kovács Viktor
06/04/2024 01:40:04 PM
Sending flowers to Budapest - have you tried this way?

You can send flowers for any occasion, and in Budapest it's easier than just one. We show you which type of flower should be ordered for which occasion.

Sending flowers has long been a fashion in European cities, which has conquered Budapest as well, probably thanks to the fast-paced lifestyle and greater distances within the city. We can send flowers for almost any occasion, and it doesn't even have to be a holiday to treat someone. On the "Flower Delivery Budapest" page of, the selection is quite extensive and the various bouquets, boxes, and flower baskets are arranged thematically.


                                                      Flower delivery in Budapest

What occasion should we send flowers for?

Perhaps no one is surprised, but the most common reason for sending flowers is love, since men have been expressing their feelings towards the desired woman in this way for centuries. Good proof of this is Valentine's Day, when orders soar both in Budapest and in the countryside. Of course, mainly men greet their loved ones with flower poems on this day.

However, according to statistics, Valentine's Day is not the favorite occasion to send flowers, but Mother's Day. This is perhaps understandable, since not everyone has love, but their mother does. On this beautiful day, everyone tries to greet their mother to show their love and thank them for everything. Of course, there is also flower delivery in Budapest for the special occasion on Sundays.

Perhaps it is not difficult to guess that in terms of occasions, Women's Day is still on the podium for sending flowers. In principle, on this day we remember the working women of the past who fought for their equality, but in reality we salute femininity itself and all its greatness. Typically, we celebrate on March 8 as individuals and in a corporate environment.

Many people tend to forget about it, but when it comes to sending flowers, graduation is also a prominent day. On this day, we celebrate students who have completed their high school studies, because they have successfully overcome the obstacles of the student years, and because they are also stepping out into life with a capital letter.

What types of flowers can be sent in the capital?

The page has a fairly large selection of flowers as well. The flower bouquet is an eternal classic, from which we can choose in abundance according to our taste and the taste of the other person. It is a perfect choice for any occasion, but we can also send it spontaneously.

Sending a flower basket is another way to surprise a loved one. It used to be very fashionable, then it disappeared for a while, only to resurface in a new, even cooler form these days. A very nice surprise that suits all occasions, it is especially recommended for Mother's Day, but it is also perfect for Women's Day and for companies, as several ladies can be greeted with a basket.

Perhaps the latest and increasingly popular option is to send a flower box. Both trendy and elegant. Depending on the design and content, a flower box can represent many messages, from a tactful friendly greeting to an expression of passion. Thus, it can be just as perfect a choice for a courtship as it is for graduation, for example.

Through gift delivery service, it is also possible to deliver potted flowers to your home, which is also an increasingly popular flower service in Budapest. In our environmentally conscious world, women often prefer potted flowers to cut flowers. After all, we can enjoy it for years or it can even be planted outside.

The soap flower is not actually a flower, but a soap. It is an extremely trendy and cool gift these days. The soaps reminiscent of fragrant flowers are also excellent as decorations, which also give the room a pleasant fragrance. In addition, it can be a perfectly pampering addition to bathing.

                                                                 Potted flower delivery in Budapest

Sending flowers in a corporate environment

We can give gifts and send flowers to female colleagues not only as individuals, but also in a corporate environment. A modern European company usually does this on Women's Day. However, it is a considerate gesture if this happens on Mother's Day or, for example, on the anniversary of the company's existence. The aforementioned flower basket can be a great choice, from which everyone can choose, or smaller or larger bouquets, depending on your budget. On the occasion of the end-of-year awards, we can also give soap flowers as a sign of appreciation.

How to send flowers - step by step

The process of sending flowers is quite simple. After selecting the product, click on the cart button. After that, the system will offer you whether to proceed to the checkout. If we choose this option, we will receive the gross total. After entering your e-mail address, name and phone number, you only need to enter the delivery method and time, the whole process takes no more than two minutes. Flower delivery in Budapest is also possible with express delivery and can even be chosen on the same day. Another good news is that you can also send flowers on the weekend, if the order is placed by noon on Friday.

Send flowers in Budapest yourself - for any occasion!

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