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A gift for welcoming parents: the most beautiful moments are also about the parents

Kovács Viktor
18/04/2023 01:37:55 PM
A gift for welcoming parents: the most beautiful moments are also about the parents

We owe everything to the parents! Life, education, outlook on life, love of work. When the time comes, we will reciprocate: this is what the welcome gift is about.

Getting married is one of the most important, if not the most important, moment in anyone's life. Of course, this day is about the young couple, and for that reason alone, it is a nice gesture if we dedicate a few minutes to the parents during the celebration and give them a welcome gift as a symbol of our love.

The wedding welcome gift is a very old custom, but it was almost forgotten for a while and has become popular again nowadays. According to experts on the subject, its origins should be found in Italy and France. In the old days, the young couple gave their guests a small delicacy called a bonbonniere as a farewell.

                                                     szülőköszöntő ajándék ötletek

This little thing symbolized luck, which the young people symbolically passed on to others. Allegedly, this gave birth to a welcome gift later. At the same time, we can also look for its origin in domestic customs. It is enough to think only of the proposal, when both the groom and the bride thank the parents for taking care of the girl so far.

Thank you for raising me

Today, the wedding welcome gift is one of the most touching parts of the celebration spent together. There are really no fixed rules for when it is inserted into the other wedding episodes, it depends on the master of ceremonies, but typically at the beginning. Or it usually happens right after the signing of the marriage certificate, as part of the civil ceremony or before eating dinner together.

Both have their advantages. If it happens right after the marriage, it is really just a matter of handing the gift. In other words, it's smoother. If the handover takes place at the dinner table, the young couple usually gives a shorter or longer speech. It's really just a matter of taste, which one you choose. The latter is perhaps a little more impressive.

What should a parent welcome gift for a wedding be?

There is actually one important criterion for a welcome gift, and that is to have a personal tone. In addition to the gift flower box or flowers for the birthday, be sure to also give a material gift that will last forever. It can be almost anything, but you should choose carefully. The emphasis is not on the value of the gift, but rather that it speaks about us. 


                                                           szülőköszöntő ajándék virágbox

A gift box, for example, is a great choice beside flowers, which can hold all kinds of special delicacies. In addition, however, we also smuggle in personal things, such as a couple of old photos taken with the parents nicely framed. A personally handwritten letter or even a poem of your own. Anything about our feelings.

A favorite item can also make the wedding welcome gift personal. Our first toy, a pebble we found together at the beach, or even our first cookbook. Anything that is close to us and that we think expresses us is about our past. In addition, of course, it is also worth hiding a personal message in the flower for welcoming the parents. It is important that this time our greeting is a bit touching, which we will always remember.

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